Couple Therapy

Have you and your partner/spouse been arguing recently? Does your relationship feel it is on the rocks and is being affected by certain issues that you are unable to resolve as a couple? Is so couples counselling can help you to identify these issues and reflect on how your behaviour towards each other has an impact on your relationship. It can also help improve your relationship by helping you understand each others perceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during couples counselling?

Both partners attend counselling sessions together where the counsellor focuses entirely on the relationship issues with a neutral and unbiased stance. Your counsellor may also ask you specific questions, such as what issues you are experiencing in your relationship. Your counsellor will make every effort to give you both a chance to tell your side of the story and why you feel you are struggling in the relationship.

How can I benefit from couples counselling?

Most often the case is not that couples don’t care about or love each other, it is more to do with not being able to communicate and express your feeling to each other.  Couples counselling can help you to work through your issues that need addressing and bring upon an understanding towards each other by helping you see things from each other’s perspective.

What can I gain from the sessions?

You can gain skills and coping techniques that can help you manage certain situations. We will always set some goals for you to begin with which we can revisit to see what you have achieved whilst having the sessions.

Request An Appointment

For more information or to book counselling sessions, contact us via phone/whats app/text message or email us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.