Sukoon Counselling

Whether it is a personal issue, relationship problems, crisis or feelings of despair and hopelessness, people from all walks of life, at one point or another experience difficulties and distress. By working with you in a non-judgmental and emphatic approach, Sukoon Counselling aims to support your journey towards achieving inner calm and healing, whilst respecting your autonomy, regardless of the issues/concerns bought into the counselling room. Contact us for a free consultation before deciding to book your session.

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Psychotherapy can provide help with a range of problems, from depression and low self-esteem to addiction and family disputes. Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their problems and unable to cope may be able to benefit from psychotherapy.

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Group Therapy

While it is true that each of us is individually unique and may have different circumstances, none are alone in our day-to-day struggles. For many people, group therapy can be more powerful than individual therapy sessions.  It brings upon a sense of belonging knowing you are not alone in your journey. While listening to others, it can help to offer and gain inspiration and encouragement from each other.

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Couple Therapy

Have you and your partner/spouse been arguing recently? Does your relationship feel it is on the rocks and is being affected by certain issues that you are unable to resolve as a couple? Is so couples counselling can help you to identify these issues and reflect on how your behaviour towards each other has an impact on your relationship. It can also help improve your relationship by helping you understand each others perceptions.

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Whether you are looking to enhance your general health, mental or emotional wellbeing, we consider the most important part of creating an aromatherapy blend requires a holistic understanding of our client’s needs. At Inner Calms we acknowledge to maintain a balanced state between the body and mind which requires more than just looking at the one symptom, therefore our consultation process allows us to make the best possible treatment blend for you.

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