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Rosehip Oil

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We also do Rosehip oil with blended some essential oils which not only enhance the benefits of using this oil, but also adds a lovely aroma to it!  


Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa rubiginosa) has a lovely golden red colour and contains linoleic acids, vitamin A (retinol) and is high in unsaturated fatty acids (77%). It is an excellent skin rejuvenating and regenerating oil, especially for mature skin. It is known to be highly effective on scars, wounds, burns (including sunburn), stretch marks and eczema. As being perhaps the best oil for scars and healing damaged skin, enough cannot be said about this oil! With such great healing properties, it is a surprise this oil does not get the recognition it deserves, however recently it has started gaining popularity with some great research studies that confirmed after four months of daily applying rosehip seed oil a massive improvement was noted on skin wrinkles and sun spots. Skin also appeared fresher with a healthier glow.