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Roller Blends With Pure Essential Oils

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Roller Bottle With Pure Essential Oils

10ml roller bottle blended with 100%  pure essential oils that can be applied to pulse points to help feel relaxed, revived and rejuvenated.
Convenient application anywhere and time!!

Handy handbag size and ideal for travel!

No harsh chemicals used, 100% pure & natural!

Comes in the following range:


BREATH EASY - Sinuses playing up again, breathing is affected by a cold or hayfever?? Then this blend helps with breathing and to relive tension caused by congestion.


CLARITY - Mind is overloaded, need meet a deadline, cant' focus while sat at the computer or revising for exam. This blend will help will clear the mind and improve concentration.


HARMONY - A balancing blend which helps bring upon a state of calm between the body and mind, also good for premenstrual mood symptoms (PMT).


LAVENDER BLISS - For everything!!! Need to relax or got that awful tension headache? Then this blend applied to temples and pulse points helps ease tension.

UPLIFT - Feeling tired or fatigued, dreading the long day ahead? Then this citrus blend will not only help uplift the mood, the refreshing aroma awakens the mind too!

UNWIND - A relaxing evening blend to help unwind from every day stresses, promotes restful sleep and helps bring upon a deep state of relaxation.